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We are dedicated almost exclusively to national and international road transport services, offering daily departures to multiple European destinations, including some non-EU countries.

TJM was a company with suspended activity when Mr. João Soares and Mrs. Alice Ribeiro decided to buy its business licence in September 1997. They decided to maintain the company's name: “José Gonçalves de Sousa Martins e Cª, Lda.”. The company was almost exclusively dedicated to international freights in Central Europe and, despite transporting several types of goods, the major portion of the business was sustained by the industry of automotive components. In 2001, TJM starts working with the Eastern Europe countries as well.

In September 2003, Mr. João Soares and his son, Mr. Bruno Soares, founded the company Brunotir to encourage and reward the son's dedication.
The two companies grew side by side, with a particular focus on the Eastern Europe market, freighting cargos to Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia, while maintaining the good relations with the remaining European countries, like France, German, Austria and Switzerland.

In a perfect symbiosis between continuous modernization and response capacity, in 2010 we invested heavily to equip the entire fleet (over 80 trucks) with a monitoring system that allows us to follow-up with the trucks in real-time. This is an enormous advance in order to provide efficient information to our customers. In May 2013, the process of demerger and merger of the two companies was concluded, and Brunotir took the responsibility of offering all cargo services.

Thanks to this strategy, Brunotir is recognised as a competitive and modern company that uses the latest technologies to ensure quality and reliable services, always trying to keep up with the challenges of a highly demanding market.

Quality Management System

Brunotir established, documented, implemented and maintains a QMS, in compliance with the requirements of the relevant ISO 9001:2015 standard. Thanks to this system we can assure a continuous improvement of the company's operational performance, in order to meet the current and future needs of our customers, to meet their requirement and to exceed their expectations.

The QMS was created from the identification of the key-processes and of those supporting them, based on the requirements of the relevant standard.

The implementation of the QMS covers all activities related to the: public road transport of goods, national and international, general cargo.

With this approach, and as a quality policy, Brunotir decided to maintain at all instances its compromise to offer a high standard quality in all services provided, to meet and exceed your requirements and expectations, because your satisfaction is essential for the competitiveness and profitability of our company.

Brunotir follows a strategy of sustained development, have a position of reference in the transport sector thanks to the quality of the services provided and, therefore, for the reliability the company inspires. With that in mind, the Management implemented a Quality Management System, according to the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, which is regularly updated to meet its applicable requirements and to improve its efficiency.

This Quality Management System is sustained by three pillars:

Provide quality services that fully satisfy our customer needs;
Build partnerships with strategic suppliers to ensure the quality chain without compromising the price competitiveness;
Engage the workers to continuously improve the services provided, promote their participation, their awareness and provide adequate training for a better performance of the QMS.
We believe that the success of this company resides in the successful implementation of this Policy and we are committed to make available to our workers all necessary resources to collectively achieve these goal

SME Certification

In the past years, Brunotir has been recognised as a SME leader by IAPMEI (Institute of Support to Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation) for the quality of its performance and risk profile.

ISO 9001
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